A Celebration of Music and Words November 21st 2015


Despite the very icy cold weather conditions, last Saturdays concert was a great success.

We had a lovely varied programe which consisted of a wide variety of Singing including a soloist, a piano recital,duets,groups,poetry and readings.

The theme for our Autumn concert was  ‘Seasons of the Year’ All the pieces were themed around the seasons.

Towards the end of the first half we had a wonderful surprise for Glenda Miller, one of our choir members.Saturday was her last official concert. Glenda has been a Ladybrook member for over 46 years. After Glenda read out her Poem ‘The Miracle’, which she wrote several years ago,The choir then sang it. Alison Bletcher our MD set the Poem to music. It is a beautiful piece of work from both Glenda and Alison.

After this recital  and during the presentation of flowers etc. there was an extra surprise in store for Glenda who is a Scottish lady from Glasgow!

Owen Nash a very well known Piper appeared from nowhere playing ‘Flower of Scotland’ plus other favourite pieces.It was a lovely moment and very fitting for Glenda. She was ‘lost for words’ which  in her own words was a first for Glenda!



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